myReview about Real Bodies Exhibition - Milan (Sep 15, 2016 - Mar 19, 2017)


On February 20, I finally had the chance to visit Real Bodies Exhibition in Milan, which has been extended until March 19, 2017 (it was supposed to end on January 10, 2017).

It takes place inside an old factory of Lambrate (a district of Milan) and shows a different way of travelling: travel around REAL HUMAN BODIES. The aim of this exhibit is to teach and be amazing at the same time, in order to inform you about how to extend life towards healthier lifestyles. 165 human bodies were needed to show over 40 dead full bodies and more than 300 organs. This is the first and most important exhibition in the field of Health organized in Milan. When you come in, it’s like starting a three-dimensional tour of an anatomy book without the use of any map. You can be helped using audio guides (paying an extra cost) instead: the voice of the exhibit’s testimonial, Alessandro Cecchi Paone (a famous Italian journalist) describes each piece displayed at the exhibition.  You can also find all the staff available everywhere for any need or just for answering to your curiosity questions.

The tour let you discover and explore the body systems: skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, reproductive and urinary, with an interesting area about the development of the embryo (fetus) and another one about human anatomy dissection. Your travel around human bodies will start like walking inside a three-dimensional encyclopedia where you can see and learn in person all the organs of your body, how they work and how big they are. And it will end walking towards the sport area, where you can see and read about how healthy some sports are.

This is really an interesting way to discover our bodies. It’s like the “operation game”, but in this case you can only see and don’t touch. You can’t take a picture or video or using mobiles. It’s a depth experience without any distraction. All the descriptions are written clearly in Italian and English and easy to understand for any kind of visitor, from children to senior. The bodies have been displayed in different daily anatomic positions, in order to focus on the various functions and movements of the human body during the day. The sport area is really amazing because all the athletic bodies have been displayed during a movement position in order to show how muscles,  tendons and articulations work. You can finally see what happens to your body in case of serious disease or changing in the body with aging. It’s also a different way to let people be aware of smoke, alcohol, and bad eating habits. I personally don’t like Alessandro Cecchi Paone, but I found this exhibition very educational.

The only bad point is that to reach the exhibition from the rail station is easy but not so near.


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