Travel Around Italy & GUSTO ITALIANO


Dear students,

I am so happy to announce you my project Travel Around Italy & GUSTO ITALIANO.

This is a cultural project I am particularly in love with, because it is about the culture and traditions of my country.

If you are one of my online students or just want to know more about Italian places to visit and regional recipes to taste, follow my Italian trips and culinary workshops on YouTube @ Travel Around Italy (work in progress 2018& GUSTO ITALIANO (from Saturday December 16, 2017)!

Do not hesitate to contact me at info@travelaroundwords.com for further details about this project and all the services I offer to teach Italian Language and Culture. I will be so happy to help you finding the best solution for your needs and let you enjoy the most beautiful Italian experience!


With love,



Find out more by choosing on your right from all the projects:

- for Travel Around Italy (all the videos) >>> coming soon, summer 2018

- for GUSTO ITALIANO (all the videos)

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